EvoT is the evolution of cycling and urban mobility. It was designed considering the biggest problems of transportation: pollution, traffic, and waste, but also avoiding sedentarism.  

We need to think different.

Global Pollution and Climate Change, the biggest concern of our generation. To tackle these problems, we need to think different, react faster and adapt our habits towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Also, the world is in the middle of a major obesity epidemic, and current trends indicate that it's only going to get worse.

As designers, we are doing our part. We want to deliver the next generation of ecological mobility systems to tackle pollution and climate change due to fossil fuels used in transportation. To achieve this, we have hacked and redesigned the greenest transport ever invented: Bicycles. Also, we have used the latest technologies to come out with the evolution of cycling, the EvoT.

The EvoT is a cost-effective solution that has been designed after 8 months of intensive development to maximize ergonomic comfort to its occupants and minimize the carbon footprint due to production, materials, packaging and traffic jams. However, to build a prototype we require the help of institutions that share our concern for the environment and also believe like us that the time to disrupt our way of commuting is now.

an integral solution

New proposals for urban mobility must propose alternatives understanding holistically the problematic of pollution, traffic, linear economy and obesity, and propose integral solutions which will not create indirect effects to nature and humans.

EvoT - A solution for congested cities  

"Your Urban Vehicle of the Future Might Be an Electric Tricycle". MIT Technology Review.

We need to act. The Facts:


OBESITY: The world is in the middle of a major obesity epidemic, and current trends indicate that it's only going to get worse. Source: CNN.


TRAFFIC: Traffic jams in big cities are a major contributor to air pollution, causing premature deaths and adding tens of billions to public health costs. Also, the economic cost caused by lost working hours due to traffic can reach hundreds of billions in the US. Source: BBC Future.


LINEAR ECONOMY: Our industrial economy has hardly moved beyond one fundamental characteristic established in the early days of industrialization: a linear model of resource consumption that follows a take-make-dispose pattern. Source: World Economic Forum.


POLLUTION: By the end of this century, around 90% of the population will live in the major cities, creating 80% of carbon emissions. The challenge of moving people and things in big cities is a major concern that every day is getting worse. Source: United Nations. In January 2017, Air pollution in London passed levels of Beijing, and one of the main contributors was transport pollution. Source: The Telegraph.

Main characteristics

Maximize ergonomic comfort to encourage more people to use electric assisted human-powered transportation.

Minimize the carbon footprint due to production, materials, packaging and traffic jams. 

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The Team

Inty Grønneberg

Designer, Maker & Entrepreneur.
Ph.D. researcher in Engineering Design at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London.

Former Manufacturing Manager at Oxitane Global, Supplier Quality Engineer and Senior Engineer of process at GM. Erstwhile Service Management Promoter at Toyota.

Onno Fridrich

Designer & Entrepreneur.
More than a decade of experience creating a diverse type of solutions, like unmanned underwater vehicles, furniture, toys, led lighting tech, among others.

Passionate about sustainability, eco-design, design thinking and new solutions which can improve the way that we live.  

Gürel Kangal

Designer, Engineer & Entrepreneur.

Former Systems Engineer with a professional history in Technology and Media industries. Built his expertise in UX & Interaction Design, focusing on Digital Systems, Products and Services.

A futurist, whose mission is designing for tomorrow's world with technology and creativity.  

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